Take a look at the blogposts we usually update on a bi-weekly basis here. It can range from behind-the-scenes looks on our game development, some insights, or perhaps plain and simple rambling.

A Postmortem on SparkLine’s Launch

It has been exactly a month since SparkLine’s official launch, which marked a huge milestone for us! Let’s talk about the storm we weathered during the launch, root causes of the issues and more!

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Tea Time 2 – Iris

Get to know the people behind SparkLine’s theme song and its system BGMs – Iris! This interview touches upon it and more…!

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The Finish Line

Just 1 month until SparkLine’s full release. Take a look at what we have done to fix issues raised during the final beta test!

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So Close yet So Far Away

Only 2-3 months left to SparkLine’s full release! So close yet so far away. That is a term applicable to realms far beyond game development,

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