Take a look at the blogposts we usually update on a bi-weekly basis here. It can range from behind-the-scenes looks on our game development, some insights, or perhaps plain and simple rambling.

Good Game, Good Luck

Lately, luck has been a hot topic among game developers. Many would argue that good luck constitutes the game reaching the right streamers, or a

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A Moment of Your Time

5 seconds to attract your interest, 5 minutes to make sure your interest is in the right place… 5 months left to release the game!

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A Whirlwind Year

A brief recap on what has been a whirlwind 2022 for us, notes on the closed beta test, and what to expect in the next year.

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Trust the (Charting) Process

In this blog post… you will not find out how to make charts, but you will find out about the process on how we bring charts for your consumption.

Trust the (charting) process.

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