SparkLine Press Kit

SparkLine Press Kit


This press kit is still a work-in-progress and we will update this as more information regarding the game are revealed.
We reserve the right to change the contents of this Press Kit at any time.

The press kit will also be provided in other languages in the future.

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The Game

Short Punchline:

A rhythm game where you tap circles to a diverse OST with a colorful story!


A Freeform Rhythm Game where the playfield takes up your entire screen and there are circles you cannot touch!

Touch, hold, slide… and dodge the notes as their circles overlap in SparkLine, a story-based rhythm game that is suitable for all skill levels featuring composers from all over the world, alongside beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations!

Game Features:

  • A gameplay field that takes up the entire screen!
  • The note that must not be hit – Mines!
  • More than 40 songs made by composers old and new alike
  • 3 rhythm difficulty levels for every song suitable for all skill levels with a high skill ceiling!
  • An ever-expanding music library through content updates
  • An immersive storyline with beautiful and hand-drawn illustrations!


Immerse yourself in the journeys undertaken by players of the VR game “World of Spark” as they meet, befriend, and conflict with each other. Each logging on with their own reasons of playing, find out the connections between them who are perhaps fated to meet in this virtual world!

The Team

  • Producer, Game and Level Design: eoS
  • Composers: Iris, MYUKKE., ruha, D-D-Dice, Metomate, Potwi, 5ECH0M, Kurubukko, ZxNX, etc…
  • Illustrators: clishee, Yua, Tato//Tipa, KeroShoku, Xora, etc…

FAQs / Fact Sheet

  • WizDream Games is based in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Target Platform: iOS and Android
  • Business Model: Freemium (Free download with In-App Purchases)

Download Links:


We will showcase some of the screenshots, artworks and logo. You can download the resources in HD from the button below.

Key Visual

Art: clishee


Note: CN, JP and KR versions of the screenshots are also available in the Press Kit.

Songs + Artworks

Light to Heed

Composer: Iris feat. LynH

Art: mireille

Horizon Ramblue

Composer: MYUKKE.

Art: mashuwashu


Composer: Potwi

Art: KeroShoku


Composer: ZxNX

Art: Darkhound3


Composer: Reku Mochizuki

Art: Yua


Composer: Kaede Hiyama

Art: clishee



Art: Airin Ryouka


Art: Darkhound3


Art: mashuwashu


Art: Darkhound3


Art: clishee


Art: Airin Ryouka

Game Logo

Design: WanieunZ

Available in Color and Black/White. .AI file also provided in Press Kit Resources

Developer Logo

Design: Maymiyuriae