Commission Guidelines

Opening Statement

Hi everyone , eoS here. In this page, “I” refers to eoS.

I will be giving details on what to expect when we commission work from you depending on your field of expertise. Right now, I am giving you the more general terms.

I will not post the more specific terms for each people. To do so may well be a breach of our own NDAs… Which is why we are not posting the contract template for you yet right now.

You can also use this as a reference on what to expect when you are working with us or perhaps, with any other people.

Types of Licensing

What We Commission

Terms of Agreement

Let’s keep this short so that it’s not too long for you to read.

Please ensure that you are at a legal age (by your country’s law) to enter into contract negotiations. Otherwise, you will need a parent’s consent to help represent you.

Also, by Indonesian laws, we are a PD (Perusahaan/Perseroan Dagang). So, I (eoS) am the only person capable of representing the company when it comes to fulfilling the company signature

This is required to properly identify you. We will ask for your real name, pen name and then your ID number (which is different depending on which country you live in)
I will also provide my ID (generally after you provide yours) so that you can identify me as well.

I realize this is sensitive information, so I can’t say much more than asking you to take the leap the faith and trust in each other.

Just make sure the sensitive details of the contract (personal info, payment, design docs, etc) are not leaked out. This NDA works both ways, so we can’t leak your personal information too.

Usually you can post your work after we have officially announced it. If you are unsure, just contact me. I would also like to be notified in advance before you post your works, so I can help out in promoting it too.

You will need to credit us, which is usually like this:
© 2022 WizDream Games, All Rights Reserved

However I can be a bit lax with the exact naming.

For composers, you will need to post the work alongside the assigned artwork too. However, by special request, which is subject to my approval, you can use your own artwork. The idea with this is to help out the artist too.

There are also clauses related to song extended versions and remixes – feel free to make and sell them but if you wish to use them in an official media (like TV, other games, etc) please seek my permission first.

Whatever money you receive from us will be received in nett.
So if we have agreed on $100, you will get $100. Nothing less than that.

This means the paypal fee, currency conversion rates, etc will be our problem.
When the payment is made and how it’s structured is determined by agreement between both parties.

This information should be treated with utmost secrecy.

In case of disputes we’ll try to settle things amicably. If we decide you are not being cooperative, then it’s probably better to part ways rather than escalate it further.

Our contracts have clauses that we can exercise in the worst case scenario. But really, let’s not think of that.

For original songs usually 2 months.
For artworks usually 1 month.

The others will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 99% of the time I don’t need the work urgently. To do so would be poor planning on my part. So in case there are issues that prevent you from completing it on time, please don’t hesitate to notify me and we can consider extending the deadline so you can give the best quality of your work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In short, I like to be more transparent. When the terms are clear (especially if we have the OK to post the contract as template) it will also answer your common questions.

I also prefer if you take the time to read through the contracts so that you can read it in a more relaxed situation, although it is not available right now. But at the moment, you have most of the general terms available.

About 4-5 pages at most. The non-exclusive contracts are even shorter than that.

Definitely no. Besides, I hope (and expect) that this becomes mere formality. It takes a form of malice if you are purposely looking for loopholes in the contract and at that point, there is no reason for us to work with you when the trust is already broken.

That said, if you have read it and feel there are terms in the contract that can be improved, don’t hesitate to let us know!

No. In any case, if such a thing exist, the English interpretation would win out. Unfortunately, I must ask that you translate the contract through something like DeepL or Papago if your English isn’t very good.