New Month New Things

New Month New Things


Artwork courtesy of Yua.

Howdy everyone! It’s been a month since we are open to public. What do you make of the trickles of information we have provided so far? I hope they are entertaining, interesting, and keep you engaged. I will also conjure up new ways to promote stuff in the present and future, so keep an eye on further updates.

… that looked more like a closing statement. But no, we are just getting started. A lot of stuff happened, including dealings behind the scenes, which contributed to me being quite busy of late. And let me tell you – I am excited to share with you everything, but we’ll take it step by step.

Moving on – let’s recap a few things, three things in fact.

Free to be Falling

A new song revealed two weeks ago. It comes with the gameplay video too. Please have a look if you missed it before! And here’s the illustration jacket too 🙂

I would like to reiterate our thanks again to iolli and Ashley N. Woods for providing the song, and PJ for the illustration!

Twitter Poll

Last week, we had a poll which we said was “for fun”. But it was actually… to determine the next song reveal! We will be revealing the third song in the poll real soon.

It was also a litmus test to see which of the artworks seem the most interesting to you.

  • Artwork #1 touches on the online game questing aspect
  • Artwork #2 has worldbuilding elements. It was actually the first artwork made for the midnight city setting used in other songs as well
  • Artwork #3 serves as the introduction scene of one of the game’s main characters
  • Artwork #4 is even more straight-up online game quest. Notice the quest mark hanging above the character. I know most of you pay attention to the cats instead 🙂

In case you noticed it, the character in artwork #3 is also the highlight in Spy-DR’s artwork!

I think we are gonna do this again in the future. Next time we’ll bring out the boys too. Make sure to join in the next one(s)!

Contract Template?

Moving on to another topic – In the previous blog post I said about wanting to post our contract templates. It is for educational purposes for you when making dealings with professional entities (such as… us), and also to cut some of the common questions I’d get in regards to work.

But it didn’t materialize yet due to a few reasons.

  • I was reducing my workload a bit so that I don’t burn out
  • I might be stumped by the contract’s own NDA… Although of course, I would post the general terms, but not the specific ones for each person

So I changed the draft’s contents into more like a “what I want from you if you work with me and what you can do with your works” amongst other things. Also, even though the contracts themselves are generally 4-5 pages long (which I believe is relatively short), I believe it’s better to condense things to make it more easily readable.

I’d like to post it by this week, but I think I shouldn’t give promises.

And finally we come back to the present.

This Month’s Schedule

The header image for the blog post is intended to be a reusable panel for the game’s cutscenes. We don’t really take ourselves too seriously, haha. Hopefully, by next month we will be able to show you a bit of it… even if it’s still in a WIP state.

We believe that even as a rhythm game, we shouldn’t be showing only the gameplay and songs. For the mobile industry, I think such a game would be possible like 6-7 years ago, but not in 2022… and especially not in the future years. In simple terms, the floor/standards have raised in that timespan.

Aside from that, there is also another thing we’d like to share with you by this month. We will keep it under wraps for now, but let’s just say it’s not something you usually see in rhythm games still on development.

Okay, it seems we have gone on long enough for now. Let’s continue on the next one 🙂 To end this post, please take a moment to listen to one of the game’s original songs – Kaede Hiyama’s Proof.

What story do you think might be told through the song and artwork?