Composer Exclusive Music Usage Rights Guidelines

Last Updated: 29 June 2023


Hello and welcome to the guidelines for how composers creating exclusively-licensed songs should use their works. For the uninitiated, an exclusive license essentially means a transfer of copyright from the composer to us (WizDream Games).

Despite us owning the copyright to the song, there are some things which we allow you (the composers) to do, and somethings we cannot do. As we live in an ever-changing world with emerging technologies, I believe it is best to have a webpage with the latest guidelines.

On a technical basis, although we have the legal means to force you to follow your contract’s contents, we acknowledge that we do not have the same powers in regards to these guidelines. However, it’d be ideal for you to follow these especially as new situations emerge in the future. We will notify you in case there are major updates to the guidelines, but we hope that’s never the case.

What We can Do

What You can Do

Closing Words

I think most, if not all of the guidelines should be lenient for both sides. We will notify you in case of a breach of the guidelines (especially if legally enforceable as per your signed contract) and give you time to adjust. And likewise, should we be the ones to do so, feel free to notify us.

Personally, I believe the contracts are signs of goodwill, and I hope we don’t have to ever enforce it. The contract is of course not perfect, but mutual understanding is the most important thing.

In regards to streaming services, etc – while it would be a nice force multiplier, we do not wish to take away your revenue. We are game developers, and hence our main income should be from our… games.

Anyways, I hope these guidelines can serve as a useful, update-able point of reference for you composers, or perhaps aspiring game developers who wish their own rhythm games. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by my own email or