Ramping up the Intensity

First of all apologies for the delay in posting. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday.

For a quick rundown, you will get song announcements, anecdotes on some of our composers, a trip out of town to a convention and a special announcement that makes this blog a big one.

On to the first one, is something that we have announced ourselves last week – which is Oriental Groove, an original song by 5ECH0M. To make it easy for me typing this blog post, let’s just call him Sechom.


New Song Announcement - Oriental Groove

This song’s genre is probably one of the rarer ones you see in rhythm games and I’m really glad that we can get something like this for our launch lineup! Sechom is probably a name you don’t hear often (yet) but I suspect you will hear him a lot more often in the future.

A little anecdote about Sechom – I initially wanted to license a non-original song from him, but he wanted to make original songs instead and I’m like, let’s do it man! Really like the enthusiasm from him, and he’s also relatively more talkative compared to the others. He also expressed surprise to see a rhythm game from Indonesia, and to be fair… I suppose it’s true that we are the first one to go this far?

When we talk about rhythm games, the more “traditional” ones mostly come from the Asian countries, namely Japan, China and Korea, while the different takes and relatively less mechanical ones come from western countries. I suppose as an unknown entity, people probably don’t know what to expect from us? I may be waffling a bit here though.

On to the next one, is yet another original song reveal!

New Song Announcement - RevitaLine

It’s a different take to his usual works and overall I’m very happy to see that he’s branching out to different genres too. This time, I am neither the player nor the uploader as it’s done by… the composer himself!

Some more anecdote! Given his experience in rhythm games, I approached and asked him whether he’d like to reveal the song himself through a gameplay video. He said the gameplay is fun and fresh, and I’m really glad to hear that. For his first days I thought it was very good to FC a level 9-10 song (it’s not a lv7 guys).

The Master chart should be among their easier 12s as I intend it to be the song you guys play before warming up to the harder songs. I guess it’s good that he says it’s too hard for him right now? If he can already play it really well on his first days then maybe our game is too easy, haha.

Now this takes our revealed original song count to 6. I am so so happy for all the efforts every composer took in giving their best works for us. 

More than you believe.

More than you believe.

Reku and Sechom will post the audio for their songs soon, so please look forward to it!

Comic Frontier (Comifuro) 15

Have you heard of Comiket in Japan before? This is Indonesia’s version of it. Arguably the only one to do so thus far in my country.

I was there for day 2, and that was also since 4PM, lol. I was looking to find new illustrators to help out with the game but the place was still crowded enough that I shelved that idea. I also dislike talking to people I don’t know, so yeah, I am not helping myself right here. But I was a bit miffed if randoms approach me and pretend they are like my best buddies. Never know if they are looking for your chat or your wallet you know?

But overall, within 5 minutes of me stepping into the hall I realized this event… was not for me. If I were to come to Comiket I’d have been most interested in the music lineup. Here, there are like only 2 music labels present? Obviously, comparisons to Comiket is unfair, but yes, the industry as a whole has to step it up.

Also, shoutouts to Ichigo, and LiNKARYZE for the stuff bought! And Zaq for the bookmark! Zaq is already helping out as an illustrator and it won’t be long before we see his works. Meanwhile, as for LiNKARYZE…

New Collaboration Announcement - LiNKARYZE

So if you guys were wondering what I licensed from ZxNX back then, this is it. This is the second collaboration with a label that we did (if it can be called like that). The first one was Ascend to Alpha with Oshiribeat.

I am open to collaboration with music labels, but as it stands our schedule and song list are already quite packed so I cannot guarantee I can accept it. But you can try contacting us in the contact form here!

I’d also like to thank WanieunZ for making the base graphic for the song announcements.

iOS Build and other Technical Updates

Thankfully this one went without a hitch. I expected the game to crash in front on my eyes on startup but glad that we avoided that. I’d definitely say building in iOS is a lot of hassle compared to Android. There are also visual bugs that became apparent only in iOS devices, so it’s a little hard to diagnose what’s going on.

Financially it also hurts as I didn’t have a Mac and an iPad before. I still don’t have an iPhone so our test devices are limited. But… these are supposed to be one-time purchases right? So let me tell you if you are an aspiring game developer – it’s probably better if you target the PC market first, haha.

As this build is tested, we have received some valuable feedback which of course is for the sake of making the game better. Although it’s given to a very limited number of people, it’s always good to test it early so that we can fix the issues faster.

And lastly, perhaps the biggest news of all…


So so excited for this one. This will be our offline and damn, this is quite the stage to debut in.

When I was in Comifuro I thought “Man I want to exhibit in a games convention…” but then I realized we are already going to one, LOL. I don’t know of any upcoming events in Indonesia so far but if there’s one in Jakarta we’ll be sure to register to it.

If you were wondering why we were busy, this is one of the main reasons. We are in a B2B-only zone – meaning it’s a restricted access but nonetheless after seeing Comifuro it may be better to start in this way.

But if you are reading this and are eligible to be there (someone in tech industry, media guy, content creator) please drop by our booth and test out the game!

In preparation for Gamescom Asia, we just need to print out the poster and then complete the remaining charts for the build. After that hopefully everything should be smooth sailing, although if you are in game development long enough you’ll know this is almost never the case. As we get closer to the D-Day we’ll announce even more songs, so be sure to stay tuned for our updates 🙂

And that’s it for today’s dev blog. It’s a lot meatier than the previous one, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the meatier ones more.