Common Commissioning Questions

Common Commissioning Questions


Whenever I commission people, these questions are common to hear from either composers or artists.

  • Can I post the artwork for my portfolio?
  • Can I post the song in my Youtube, Spotify, etc…

These are very logical questions, and in fact, common sense to ask when the contract is not visible yet. It’s simply the right thing to do to have your works credited properly, and for you to be able to use it as leverage for future opportunities.

I can answer both of these questions right now with a resounding YES! The “when”, however, is something that depends on me.

If you have seen our home page, you know that I like to see more transparency in the game industry… and if that’s not possible, the rhythm game scene at the very least. So of course, why not start from ourselves?

Whilst we are using stock photos, maybe I should find those Simu Liu images…

When we talk about contracts, you might imagine me as some scary guy with a suit, holding you hostage at gunpoint to pressurize you into signing that contract. Believe me, I absolutely loathe wearing suits. It’s just not my style. And about the contract’s terms itself… it’s something I can give out, although I can make certain changes to the contract depending on the situation, which is something you agree towards as well, of course.

You might be asking – why do this? Isn’t this a secret?

I can assure you neither confidential nor personal information will be given out in the templates. Not mine, and especially not others’. To do so would essentially be career suicide. As I said before, I strive for transparency. The contract’s terms itself, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be a secret.

Back to that thing where you perhaps imagine myself as that guy holding you hostage – I think it’ll be much better if you can first see the T&Cs of the contracts before working with me. The common questions you might ask are most likely already answered there, and then you are able to see it in a much relaxed environment. Win-win solution, isn’t it?

And should you not be working with me, it’s still a resource for you to get a glimpse on how we, and perhaps others do work, yes?

This will be quite a lot to digest, so in all likelihood it’s better to give a heads-up first. Don’t be intimidated though – As far as I know, even if I am not a law guy, contracts should have:

  • Common sense
  • Fair enough for both parties
  • Be an unambiguous as possible

The templates themselves can be given out right now, but I’d like to explain the terms a bit… at least from my point of view. There will be some other updates in regards to the game as well this week, so please stay tuned for that as well. If I were to give an estimate… hopefully by this Friday. It might even be tomorrow depending on my mood. Latest by next week.