Behind the Newsletter and Mini Album

Behind the Newsletter and Mini Album


Behind the Newsletter and Mini Album

First of all, apologies for the delay in posting. I am supposed to get this dev blog done on Monday, but we were very busy.

The newsletter ended up being a lot more work than I expected! It’s like writing a lot of blog posts at once. Nerves also kicked in as this is something I haven’t done before. The mini-album too, probably comes as a surprise. Usually, people release albums for purchase after the game is released. Meanwhile, we reversed the order a bit AND made it available for free. 

Anyways! Let’s talk a bit about them and the rationales behind doing this. But before that, I’d like to again thank everyone for their part in making this possible!

The Newsletter

I will also talk about it in more depth below, but the newsletter is really intrinsically linked to the mini album.

There’s a lot of effort to jump through to get the mini album, don’t you think? Go to the newsletter page, write your email, click subscribe, confirm your subscription, open the welcome email and click the link that gives you the album.

That’s SIX steps that I can count! Compare it to just following a Twitter account, subscribing to Youtube… Now you know why I put the mini album as an incentive – so that all your effort is worth it! So of course, a big thanks to YOU too for going through all that for us!

If you want to know which one of the emails give you the link, it’s this one:

Also, did you know that you can reply to the emails? Feel free to do so! You may be surprised. If you cannot speak English it’s fine, I will try to translate your reply and subsequently, my own.

But why come up with something like this? It’s simple. Read the amount of effort it took just above to subscribe to this. So if you manage to go through all that, it means you are interested! Then the challenge will be how to ensure you remain interested, or maybe become even more invested in our project!

And oh yeah, one last thing about the newsletter:

Sometimes it gets stuck in the promotions tab or even spam, so kindly move the email to the Primary tab if you are interested in reading our newsletter stuff 🙂

The Mini Album

In most cases, albums are used as a “win-more” card to bolster the sales of a game that’s already selling. And generally, only a fraction of the playerbase will purchase the albums.

Notice the keyword purchase here, and compare it to us where the mini album is given away for free, although it comes with the hurdles to get. But what if we look at it the other way around?

That means, the album and subsequently the newsletter becomes a barometer to estimate the number of players in our game! Being a free reward, I expect the stats to be skewed a bit, but all in all, I expect that I can multiply (by more than 1, of course) the amount of subscribers to get an estimate of the number of players in the game.

I have also asked this in the emails – but did you enjoy what we gave you in the mini album? Anyways, all four composers have posted their songs in their media, so you can also have a listen here in the Youtube Playlist below!

You want to listen to these songs at anytime, in your own devices? Then click the button below to be redirected to newsletter signup page!